With a modern fleet with an advanced management system, Maico is committed to providing customers with effective transportation solutions.


Maico - Vietnam's leading shipping unit

Maico Proud to be one of the only shipping units for the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group that owns a fleet of liquid cargo transport vessels. Vietnam's largest. With 39 modern ships, Maico provides safe and efficient transportation services for domestic and international markets.

Maico - Đội tàu đa dạng

  • Crude oil tankers: Number of 3 ships; Total tonnage is more than 300,000 DWT
  • Tàu chở dầu/hóa chất: 16 tàu, trọng tải gần 300.000 DWT
  • Liquefied gas tankers: Number of 14 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 100,000 DWT
  • Bulk cargo ships: Number of 4 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 150,000 DWT
  • FSO/FPSO ships: Number of 2 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 200,000 DWT


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