Maico provides top quality worldwide ship transportation services


Maico is the official agent of Nippon Paint in Vietnam for Marine Paint and Industrial Paint


Maico Nest is a reputable brand in the field of providing natural bird's nests


With capacity, experience and development strategy, Maico is completely confident in meeting the needs of domestic and foreign customers. At the same time, Maico always focuses on developing services to become one of the leading companies in the world. leading company providing the best marine, oil and gas services in the Vietnamese market as well as in the region.

Our services include many related areas and are shown below:

Crude oil transportation

Crude oil transportation is one of the core business activities…

Transportation of oil products/chemicals

Oil product transportation is one of Maico's main services…

Transportation of liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied petroleum gas transportation is also the key business activity...

Bulk cargo transport (coal)

Bulk cargo transportation focuses on thermal power plants...

Petroleum technical services

Petroleum technical services continue to be maintained stably...

Maritime and Logistics services

Serving Logistics activities for Maico's freight fleet


Maico is proud to be the only shipping unit in the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group that owns the largest fleet of liquid cargo ships in Vietnam. Currently, Maico owns a fleet of 39 ships to serve the domestic and international markets safely and effectively, providing the following main services:

  • Crude oil tankers: Number of 3 ships; Total tonnage is more than 300,000 DWT
  • Oil/chemical tankers: Number of 16 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 300,000 DWT
  • Liquefied gas tankers: Number of 14 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 100,000 DWT
  • Bulk cargo ships: Number of 4 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 150,000 DWT
  • FSO/FPSO ships: Number of 2 ships; Total tonnage is nearly 200,000 DWT


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